VACRAO’S Annual Professional Development Scholarship
Established in 2012, VACRAO’s Professional Development Scholarship offers financial support to 
VACRAO members for two professional scholarships to be given annually.

We Want YOU!
Without the support and dedication from our members, VACRAO would not be able to keep moving forward. Please indicate your interest in helping to prepare and plan next year’s meeting or in serving VACRAO in some capacity by contacting the President-Elect.  Below is his contact info:
Alphonso Garrett Jr.
Virginia Tech
Director of Undergraduate Recruitment Initiatives
925 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Phone: 540-231-6267
Email: [email protected]


Jean Rayburn Memorial Grant

General Guidelines:

  • Research grants will be awarded to professional members of admissions or records offices of VACRAO member institutions who author, co-author, or sponsor projects to enhance the professions
  • Awards will not exceed $500
  • Proposals must provide a detailed description of the proposed project.
  • Research projects must be completed, documented, and sent to the Vice President of Professional Development within one year of the awarding of the grant.
  • The research must also be submitted by the author for presentation at the next scheduled VACRAO annual meeting and/or submitted for publication in an appropriate professional journal (such as SACRAO Journal or College and University).
  • Only those proposals which will add to the body of knowledge of the admissions and/or records profession will be approved.Their use must extend beyond the boundaries of one institution. Single-institution studies are acceptable, but the author must demonstrate how results may be beneficial to other institutions.
  • Proposals are received by the Vice President for Professional Development and approved by the Executive Committee.

Jean Rayburn Memorial Grant Application