Recognition and Awards Nomination Form

Honorary Membership

When approved by the Executive Committee, Honorary Membership is reserved for individuals who have been long-term and valued members of VACRAO and who are no longer eligible for voting or associate membership in the association. They should have a significant record of contributions to the admissions and records profession or must have taken a leadership role in VACRAO (i.e., regularly attended and participated in annual meetings and on committees). Honorary Membership may be accorded individuals in their last year of service prior to retirement if they have announced retirement formally or officially. Otherwise, Honorary Memberships is conferred following retirement. One benefit to VACRAO is keeping certain individuals close to the association. A benefit to the individual is the receipt of newsletters and other association information.

Certificate of Appreciation

This recognition is for a major direct or indirect contribution to VACRAO by an individual showing initiative and dedication in working with a specific VACRAO project(s). Their commitment and efforts exceed expectations or official responsibilities and have a positive impact on the organization.

New Professional Award

This recognition is reserved for individuals with one to five years of experience in the profession. Nominees must have exhibited professionalism and expertise in their field at their institution(s). Their interest in and significant contributions to VACRAO are key considerations, along with their potential for leadership in VACRAO and other related professional associations. Typically, only one or two of these awards will be made each year.

Distinguished Service Award

This highly selective, “lifetime achievement” award is reserved for individuals whose service to VACRAO has been so extraordinary as to warrant special recognition while still active or for individuals retiring from or leaving the profession whose contributions warrant special respect. Recognition will be based on a variety of factors, including the nominee’s participation in VACRAO for at least ten years; leadership of VACRAO activities as evidenced by holding office, fulfilling committee responsibilities, and attending and regularly participating in the annual meeting; and service or scholarship beyond official responsibilities. In order to keep this award highly selective, its criteria for nominee eligibility have been quantified. Though not to be used to determine recognition, the Awards and Resolutions Committee is guided by the following point system during its screening of nominees.

* One year of service as President:  20 points

  • Each year of service as President-Elect and Immediate Past President: 15 points
  • Each year of service as Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Newsletter Editor: 10 points
  • Each year of service as chair of a standing or duly-appointed ad hoc committee: 5 points
  • Other annual meeting activities, committee work, or other service: 1 to 5 points each
  • Exceptional contributions to VACRAO and/or the admissions and records profession, as determined by the Awards and Resolutions Committee: maximum of 50 points

Generally, individuals considered for this award should earn a minimum of 100 to 125 points of documented service to be eligible for nomination. This award may be bestowed only once on an individual. Members of the Executive Committee and of the Awards and Resolutions Committee are not eligible for consideration until at least two years have passed after expiration of their terms.





Established in 2012, the VACRAO Annual Professional Development Scholarship offers financial support to VACRAO members for two professional scholarships to be given annually. One individual member (applicant) will be selected to attend SACRAO, and one individual member (applicant) will be selected to attend AACRAO, allowing VACRAO members greater exposure to regional and national conferences, as well as, significant opportunity for professional development.  By providing this opportunity to its membership, VACRAO also hopes to foster a stronger leadership presence within VACRAO’s executive committee and associated governance roles.




Upon returning from the selected conference, VACRAO will require the scholarship award winners to bring forth a session idea/presentation for VACRAO’s annual conference, allowing our membership to be more aware of pertinent issues that exist both regionally, as well as nationally.

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